Roof Repairs

Roof replacement Los Gatos

You can count on Roof Repairs to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. We are the only company in the area holding both B and C business licenses, so we can do all your roofing and general needs. Here are some examples!

Roofs protect the majority of floor space of both residential and commercial structures. Roof Repairs handles all aspects of roofing: flat, pitched, and use a variety of materials to fit your needs and desires.

Water is the most destructive force on Earth and as humans, we battle these forces daily. Keeping your homes free from damage is a job we take seriously. No matter the situation, we have a solution!
Copper, Seamless Aluminum, Galvanized. We handle all sizes and shapes and offer multiple solutions to fit your needs! We also offer gutter cleanings and gutter screen installation.
Exterior and/or interior water damage restoration is our specialty! We have been doing water damage restoration for years after obtaining our General Contractor’s “B” License from the CSLB.

Correcting faulty installations to complete siding replacement, we have performed it all! Rest assured we have a beautiful solution for you.

Excellence in Roofing is more than just a tag line at Roof Repairs. it is a way of doing business. With a long and storied history of service, the Roof Repairs demands a strong commitment to customer service and the highest quality standards of craftsmanship.

Roof Repairs vast experience has taught us the right way to install a roof, run a business and support the local community. Whether it’s budget, aesthetics, or the unique style of your home, we take everything into account to give you the very best product to fit your needs. We have proven ourselves to be the best San Jose roofing company.


Roof Repair known for its excellent repute. Contact us now for Roof Repair Services for your Home, Resdience or any other type