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Roof Repairs is a leader in Residential Roof Repair. What this means to you as a consumer is that you are working with a strong local company with a solid long-term history of installing new high-quality roofs at a fair price. Some of our customers have had us replace their roofs several times due to moving, rental properties or severe storm damage. Read some of our testimonials from our customers and you’ll see why Roof Repairs is a trusted Roofing Contractor.

If your roof is in need of repair or replacement, call us for a Free Estimate. There’s no obligation and you will then have professional advice on your roof system. Call us.

Finding a good contractor
As you begin your research for a roofing contractor, there are several important factors to keep in mind. We want you to be properly prepared and educated before you start. We know that the more you know, the more likely you are to choose Roof Repairs for your roofing project.

How to Select a Contractor for Your Protection: Check Reputation – Stability – Workmanship
When you choose a contractor to replace your roof – follow these guidelines to ensure you’ve picked a contractor who will do the job properly:

General Liability Insurance Certificate – Not “Self-Insured”: You need to know if your contractor carries general liability insurance. A sizable contractor will carry no less than a lot dollar and usually around alot of aggregate coverage. Over three-fourths of roofing companies do not carry proper insurance coverage to protect you against losses.

Release of Lien: All contractors should provide a Lien Release prior to final payment. All material suppliers and sub-contractors should provide lien releases as well.
California Legal Contracts: All Home Improvement Contracts should contain start and completion dates, Notice to Owners, Mechanics Lien Law rights, day right of rescission, in addition to the specific job description.

Current References: All reputable roofers should provide pre-printed lists of references and installations of all roofing products installed by them. Also, ask for suppliers, business references, etc.


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